Code of Conduct

At Peak Performance, while we enjoy learning and having a good time, we place the highest priority on providing a safe environment with minimal distractions for our students. To that end, we ask that anyone visiting the class--whether to participate or observe--adhere to the following guidelines:

Anyone, student or observer, caught bullying another person will be evicted immediately from the classroom for the day. No exceptions. Depending on the situation and nature of the offense, they may be barred permanently from class at the instructor's discretion.


  • Classes will begin promptly at their respective times. Students arriving late will line up at the back of class.

  • Students should wear their full uniform with their belt tied properly when class starts.

    • Students may not wear street clothes under their uniform. They may, however, wear athletic shorts and t-shirt under their uniform.

      • On colder days of the year, students may wear athletic long-sleeve shirts and leggings.

    • No footwear of any kind (except foot gear for sparring) is allowed during class.

    • Most jewelry is not allowed.

      • Fitness watches are allowed depending on the size.

      • Stud earrings are okay for regular class work. No hoop earrings or anything that hangs down.

      • Wedding bands and rings with a low profile are allowed for regular class work. Rings with a large profile are not allowed.

      • In general, if you have to ask, you should probably remove it before class.

      • For safety reasons, no jewelry of any kind is allowed during sparring.

    • Exceptions:

      • During the Summer and early Fall (typically May through October), students are allowed to wear approved t-shirts in class with their uniform pants and belt. Students must wear their full uniform for belt promotions; they may not wear t-shirts during belt promotion at any time.

      • New students who do not yet have a uniform won't be held to this.


  • Those observing class should stay within designated viewing areas.

  • Please do not talk with the students or the instructor during class. If you have an issue, please bring it up before or after class time.

  • Set mobile phones and devices to quiet/vibrate mode.

  • Keep audience discussion quiet and to a minimum.

  • If you must have a discussion with someone either on the phone or in person, please take it outside of the classroom.